At A Glance. The Intimate Life…



At a glance. Ok, so if someone important just got up and left out of my life, I do not actually know what i would do. You see i take every single one of them for granted. If someone disappeared out of my life, i would notice every little thing thats different, even the toothbrushes being in a different order. The empty bed, the empty wardrobe, the clean kitchen. In a way, its really quite personal to everyone, i doubt anyone’s opinions on this will be the same. Everyone has their own little ways of doing things. Even leaving my home town, has made me think about how different everything is. How I don’t have my best friend waking me up every morning with a phone call saying ‘ I don’t want to go to work’ or getting shaken to be woken up, and then getting slapped with a Yorkshire Pizza, and then later wondering how they even got into your house. Nothing ever stays the same.  The intimate life. Who likes other people finding out about thier private life? Secrets that nobody is meant to find out? Well imagine, someone photographed all those little dances you do in the bathroom when you think nobody is looking, or the funny faces you pull in the mirror when your bored. Initmate. Its a massive and complicated word. It has so many different meanings to other people. Secrets? Personal? Private? Definately a hard topic to photograph. It was all about thinking outside the box, outside the lines, and thinking about how other people’s intamate lives could be photographed. To start I had to think about what I do which is personal and private to me, nevermind for anyone else.


Henry Peach Robinson

Ok, so he was the guy who first introduced pictorialism, and he got really quite famous for it. He played around with negatives and discovered a new way to edit photographs, which to be honest seems pretty modern for the early years of the twentieth century.


Pictorialism, an approach to photography that emphasizes beauty of subject matter, tonality, and composition rather than the documentation of reality.

The Pictorialist perspective was born in the late 1860s and held sway through the first decade of the 20th century. It approached the camera as a tool that, like the paintbrush and chisel, could be used to make an artistic statement. Thus photographs could have aesthetic value and be linked to the world of art expression.

The name itself derived from the thought of Henry Peach Robinson British author of Pictorial Effect In Photography (1869). In his desire to separate photography …


So much can change in a year…

So much can change in a year. Most people would say that it is such a long time from now. I am not most people. I remember what I was doing this time last year. The friends I had, the relationships. To me, you see, it’s gone so fast. I never thought I would actually go to university. That seemed like something for grownups and other people to do. Not me. This time last year, I was sat around college with all my friends, wondering what all the ‘new kids’ would be like. This time last year, I had a best friend, who I never would dream of leaving. This time last year, I never thought I would leave York. So much can change in a year. This year, is the year when everything changes. Friendships fall. You are on your own. No mum and dad, to turn around and cook your dinner, do your washing or lend you a couple of quid. This is it. This time next year, I have no idea what I will be doing, where I will be, but this is what I hope. I hope I am still in university. I hope I still love photography and I hope I haven’t ran out of excuses to get the train back to York for the weekend. So much can change in a year. I never thought I would find myself here. On my own. The big wide world. So much to see for such a little girl… or was once. It is amazing how fast time flies. I remember when I was 6, stood at the school gates, waiting for my mum. Now it is the other way round, they’re waiting for me to make them proud. This job is tough for a little girl like me. Eighteen years old… doesn’t seem like it to me. One year from now, where will i be? Nobody knows, not even me.

Love What You Do

” Like is watered down love. Like is mediocre. Like is content. Athletes don’t do it because they like sport. Artists don’t suffer because they like art. There is no I like New York tshirt. Romeo didn’t just like Juliet. Love is powerfull stuff. Love changes things. Upsets things. Conquers things. Love is at the root of everything good that happens and ever will happen. Love what you do. “

I found this quote in a magazine a few months ago, and before I tell you what it was for, I want to explain why I love it. It is so simple yet so energising with the words, it makes you feel like you can do anything you set your heart too. Its so true. Why would a athlete compete in a sport if they didn’t love it? Why would a artist suffer if they didnt love art? Why would I have taken up photography at Coventry University if i didnt love it? I guess, this subconsiously made up my mind to go to University. It made me realise how much I love photography, and wanted to know more about it, and get better at it. In reality, this quote is a big part of my life.


 Its amazing what Mastercard can come up with.


” I would say to any artist; ‘don’t be repressed in your work, dare to experiment, consider any urge, if in a new direction all the better. “



Judi Powell 2010


For the new project we were set at Coventry University, we were given the task of hunting down a few locations set on a map. This in itself was pretty tricky. For the most part i think we were in the completely wrong places, but we still managed to capture a few good shots. This photograph fits in really well with the quote and the video because of the high contrast and use of black and white. Also the quote explains how photographers should experiment with their work and “if in a new direction all the better”. In a sense i think that this is taken in a new direction, because its not a straight forward shot, its shot on a good angle so you get both a wide and thin focal point.